Georgia Pacific to produce return mail for e-commerce

       Georgia Pacific has begun making mailing envelopes from recycled paper for e-commerce at its newly opened facility in Arizona.
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       Amazon will become a major customer of Georgia-Pacific, expanding Amazon’s strategic supply chain for this mail in the US West.
        The postal envelope uses a unique, non-polystyrene foam material, produced by Georgia Pacific Paper Mills, between layers of kraft paper. The materials technology was launched in 2019 by Henkel’s packaging and consumer products division. Lab-tested at fiber processing plants, the mailpiece received the How2Recycle® label, which is widely recyclable, which means it can be disposed of in any single-line recycling bin at the curb.
       Scott Farber, Head of Global Marketing at Henkel Paper Solutions, said: “Georgia-Pacific is a great manufacturing partner for recyclable postal envelopes and we look forward to expanding our recycled offering to Amazon and other packaging opportunities.”
        “This padded mailer is a major step forward in developing sustainable packaging alternatives that reduce environmental impact,” said Adam Ganz, vice president of business development for Georgia Pacific. Throwing leftover recycled paper in the bin is a game changer. We are excited to bring this to our customers at a time when e-commerce continues to grow at a rapid pace.”
       Georgia-Pacific, a key supplier of corrugated boxes to Amazon, has previously partnered with the company on innovative packaging solutions and now makes postal products.
        “It took the ingenuity of scientists, engineers and technicians from Amazon and Henkel’s packaging and materials labs to create Amazon’s recyclable soft envelopes,” said Kim Houchens, Amazon’s director of packaging customer experience. “Replacing our mixed media mailing envelopes (paper glued to bubble wrap) with postal envelopes with recyclable paper pads continues our waste reduction initiative, which has reduced the weight of outbound packaging by 33% since 2015 and eliminate more than 810,000 tons of packaging material, equivalent to 1.5 tons of packaging material. billion shipping boxes.”

Post time: Aug-24-2023
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