Pallet protection: Silafrica Kenya discusses the benefits of stretch film for product safety and stability

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        Stretch wrap, also known as pallet wrap, is a highly stretched plastic film often used to secure pallets and protect goods during storage and transit. It is made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE), which ensures the safety and stability of the product, and is also an environmentally friendly alternative. In this article, we will answer why your company should consider using stretch film for pallet/shipment protection by examining how leading companies around the world have benefited from using this product.
        One of the main functions of stretch film is to fix the pallet and keep the load stable. Leading e-commerce giant Amazon uses stretch film to stabilize pallets in its vast warehouses, keeping products safe and reducing the risk of accidents.
        Stretch film is designed to protect products from dust, moisture and damage during transportation and storage. For example, FreshFizz Beverages uses stretch film to preserve and protect their beverages from production to the retail shelf, ensuring product quality and integrity are maintained.
        For businesses, stretch film is a cost effective solution as it reduces the need for additional packaging materials. For example, IKEA has reduced packaging costs by using stretch film in combination with other innovative packaging methods.
        Stretch film allows for more efficient use of storage and transport space, as packed pallets can be stacked on top of each other. By using stretch wrap for pallet consolidation, global retailer Walmart has been able to optimize its supply chain efficiency and reduce shipping costs.
        Stretch film prevents theft and unauthorized access because it is difficult to remove or counterfeit without leaving visible marks. Apple uses stretch wrap to protect valuable electronics during transit, reducing the risk of theft and ensuring product integrity.
        Stretch film is a key component in securing pallets and protecting products during transport and storage. As sustainability becomes a priority, the adoption of sustainable/recyclable stretch packaging will continue to grow, offering a more environmentally friendly alternative without sacrificing the reliability and performance of traditional stretch packaging as it offers a sustainable alternative to reduce carbon emissions, promoted by the circular economy and promotes recyclability.
       Silafrica is a leading FMCG packaging manufacturer in Kenya and East Africa offering recyclable stretch packaging that will greatly improve your business operations and give you a competitive edge in the market.

Post time: Aug-24-2023
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