How to properly dispose of holiday gift wrapping?

       Christmas morning is approaching, and on December 25, thousands of Sudbury residents will be tearing up presents.
       After all the gifts are unwrapped, there’s inevitably a mountain of gift wrapping, gift bags, and tissue paper left, so be sure to follow the city’s recycling guidelines this holiday season.
        Both non-metallic and non-plastic wrapping paper can be placed in the blue wastebasket, and all bows, ribbons, and ties must be removed. Paper gift bags can also be thrown into the blue bin, and the city recommends removing plastic or rope handles before throwing the bag in the trash.
       While cloth or plastic gift bags can be thrown away with regular trash, we recommends reusing the bags or throwing them away at one of the city’s many recycling stores.

Post time: Aug-25-2023
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