A modern way to wrap your Christmas gifts

Even though we do it every year, gift wrapping might just be one of the most overlooked design choices throughout the holiday season. Thinking about it, it's a perfectly reasonable oversight. This time of year is awash with design choices, all vying to be the biggest statement in our decor. How big are we decorating our trees? What’s at the heart of our holiday table? Any of these issues would seem to require more time and effort than our typical wrapping paper choices. But design is more than just moments of truth. There are just as many of these little things, and most of the time it's these details that ultimately bring everything together to create moments that will stay long after the decorations have fallen. While it's destined to be discarded at some point (probably in many little pieces), the wrapping we use to decorate our gifts, like the decorations we put on our trees, tables, and mantles, are a part of every aspect of our time during the holidays. Part and every aspect of the giving process requires care.So here are our favorite modern ways to show your love to someone before they open their gift.

Updated stripe packaging

Stripes are one of the oldest patterns in existence, having been around since the dawn of human creativity. So there's good reason to believe it may be one of the earliest wrapping paper designs. The great thing about stripes is that they are so versatile and so universal that they will never go out of style. They just need a little updating from time to time. With this in mind, we'll begin our investigation into modern gift packaging by taking a slightly different angle on the usual bar pattern. The simple combination of thick lines with diagonal lines and a black and gold color palette gives this wrapper a sophisticated upscale look that will make you show anyone to them so they know what's inside.

Modern box packaging

Box has been gaining popularity for some time, appearing in some of our favorite home textile patterns. So it's no surprise to see them frolicking around during the holiday time, giving us some really fun wrapping gift possibilities. For these gifts, just a few geometric patterns can bring instant visual interest to what would otherwise be plain brown wrapping paper with thin stripes. Instead, the mode isn't too busy and produces a beautiful sound.

Stylish wrapping paper in matte black

About keeping it simple, just a little funky. Sometimes, a lack of showing off can say more than shining brighter or trying harder. The perfect gift for this idea comes in the form of this super chic matte black wrapping paper. If you really like the idea of sprigs, the black background provided in this article is perfect for displaying sprigs of white mistletoe.

Black chalkboard wrapping paper

If you're looking for a versatile, customizable wrapping paper that also allows you to involve your creative side to ensure there's something unique for everyone on your list, then chalkboard paper might be just for you this holiday season things. This paper is perfect for artists, DIY enthusiasts, or anyone who can wrap their holiday gifts into a canvas that shows them how much they share the holiday season and how much they truly care.

Modern polka dot gift packaging

Polka dot patterns have been around for a long time. As with so many other patterns that may cause us to get bored, but one thing that keeps polka dots at the top of design lists—especially when it comes to holiday gift wrapping—this pattern can easily be updated and tweaked. In this case, replacing traditional dots with stars keeps the appeal of the basic pattern while providing a fresh look and feel for a long-lasting idea.

Paper bag gift packaging

Of course, not every gift will be wrapped for the holidays. Gift paper bags have always been a trendy choice for wrapping gifts. But even if gift bags are your go-to way to package your holiday produce, there are still plenty of ways to bring a creative spark to your gift that your friends and family will remember (maybe even longer than the gift itself). Here, an ordinary lunch bag finds higher purpose as gift wrapping. Made from a simple pairing of twine and pine branches, this simple and rustic gift wrap is the perfect way to give a gift to anyone who appreciates the simpler things in life.

Post time: Nov-09-2023
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